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City of Hope Orphanage

Kamuli, Uganda

Mountain River Ministries has partnered with Pastor Richard Mugaiga and his church, World Healing Center in Kampala Uganda, to build a home and school for over 300 orphans in the province of Kamuli, 3 hours north of Kampala. 

Pastor Richard, compelled by the Lord to help his country and give back to the village where he was raised, has undertaken the task of feeding and educating the nearly 300 children orphaned there.The AIDS epidemic, civil wars, and an 80% unemployment rate has left this area of Uganda ravaged. In such an environment, sustenance is their only goal and very few children have an opportunity to be educated. Thus, the cycle of poverty continues. 

In May of 2016,  Mountain River Ministries took a team of 8 people to minister to the children, and to see first-hand the conditions in which they live. Our team was able to provide shoes and food for a number of children, but left with the devastating knowledge that many more would go hungry. 

Unable to turn our backs on these precious children, it is our dream to build a true “City of Hope”; a safe building where the children can be educated, fed and sleep in a bed of their own. 

With your help, we can raise the $100,000 it will take to make this dream come true. 

Click on the link below to help Mountain River build the dream. Remember, your donation is tax deductible and you will get an end of the year receipt. 

Grace Chapel For the Nations

Praying Kerala

Mountain River Ministries has been in partnership with Pastor Sam Daniel John and Grace Chapel for the Nations for over 10 years. Starting as a small church in Southern India, Grace Chapel for the Nations in Kerala has grown to include the first interactive Christian program in the country.  Pastor Sam and his team appear live on a daily TV show called “Praying Kerala”, on Harvest Television. 

Mark, Kellie, and the team have ministered at the church in Kerala, as well as appearing on the program 5 times over the last 10 years. 

As you can imagine, in a country dominated by Buddhism and Hinduism, a Christian television show presents a number of challenges; not the least of which is raising enough money to keep it on the air. Thousands of people have been touched, healed and saved through this unique platform and more are being set free every day.

Partner with us to keep “Praying Kerala” on the air. 100% of your donation will go toward keeping this live TV spot going. 

Please visit “Grace Chapel for the Nations” on Facebook to find out more about the ministry. But, be sure and make your donations to Mountain River Ministries so they will be tax deductible.